Equine Immunotherapy

How we can help your clinic

We are able to support equine vets across New Zealand with:

  • Specialist diagnosis and management of skin disease
  • Immunotherapy
  • Remote consultation and advice
  • Allergy testing for environmental allergens
  • Skin cytology and biopsies
  • CPD – in-person, online forums and webinars

We are based in Palmerston North, however we provide support for vets all across New Zealand with in-clinic referrals, remote consultations and advice. Our focus is on supporting vets with solutions and education to create the best possible outcome for their patients.

Introduce immunotherapy to your clinic.

Our mission is to help raise the standard of veterinary care available in New Zealand. That’s why we are excited to bring you our ACVM and MPI approved immunotherapy by prescription service. This was previously restricted to allergic horses referred to a veterinary dermatologist. Immunotherapy is now much more accessible when referral is not an option.

More detailed information on Equine Immunotherapy

How will immunotherapy help my patients?

Immunotherapy is the gold standard for the safe, effective, long-term treatment of atopic dermatitis and should be considered as an important part of the multi-model approach to management of this complex and chronic disease.

Immunotherapy normalises the immune response to environmental airborne allergens and is the only therapy that has the potential to prevent progression of the disease. With a successful response rate of 70% of horses with atopic dermatitis, immunotherapy helps to manage equine allergies with symptoms of pruritic dermatitis, urticaria and allergic respiratory disease. It also reduces the need for additional medications and has no withholding period.

How would this work in my clinic?

We will give you a checklist for determining if immunotherapy is right for your patient. If the patient passes the initial checklist, you then collect a blood sample and submit it for an allergy test, for example, the Heska Allercept test available through Awanui Veterinary. The test results and clinical history will be reviewed by Helen to formulate the immunotherapy prescription which is then sent to you, along with instructions. The patient’s care will remain with you, but we are here to help if you need advice.

Want to bring immunotherapy to your clinic?