RASH Vets — Specialist Veterinary Dermatology Clinic based in Palmerston North

Specialist veterinary dermatology clinic

RASH (Referral Animal Skin Hospital) is a specialist veterinary dermatology clinic, that opened in May 2023.

RASH is led by Dr Helen Orbell, who is one of three registered specialist dermatologists in the country, and the only one outside of Auckland. Alongside Helen is her team of  three dedicated dermatology nurses – Dani McCabe, Dannielle Laws and Kirsty Colley.

RASH specialises in all aspects of dermatology for animals.

We mainly see dogs, cats and horses but do sometimes have the opportunity to help with more exotic animals too.

Satellite clinics

We have monthly clinics in Wellington at Kelburn Vets and Vets on Riverbank in Otaki.

Every 3 months we travel to Vets One in Hastings.

Satellite clinics allow us to provide continuity of care for clients in the lower North Island.

Our goals

We strive to be a centre of excellence for dermatology and to provide the best care and support possible for our patients, clients and referring veterinarians.

Dermatology Services

Founded on the vision to improve the lives of animal companions by providing state-of-the-art diagnostics and therapies through clinical advancements in veterinary dermatology.

Patient stories

We love what we do! Seeing our patients recover and thrive with new found quality of life really excites us. We love all our patients but check out a few highlights below of some interesting cases & stories:

Feline allergy test

This is an intradermal allergy test on an itchy little cat, but why is he glowing?

Cat's don't produce the same easy to read reactions that dogs do, so to ensure we can properly identify positive results we use a dye called Fluroscein.

This is injected through the IV catheter at the end of the test and we use a Woods Lamp to the test site glow and help the positive reactions stand out.

Puppy progress report

This sweet girl has come a long way under the guidance of our specialist and the hard work of her mum! She has her fur back, she's not itchy and best of all she's feeling good

Equine allergy test

Some of the positive results from our horse intradermal allergy test this morning 🐴

Our panel has 58 different allergens, and this gorgeous guy had positive reactions to 32 allergens. He'll get started on immunotherapy to retrain his immune system into being less reactive, and making a much less itchy pony!

Meet the team

Helen is supported by a fantastic team - meet them all here: